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Shipping Policy

  • We do not guarantee that orders ship SAME DAY on any order placed after 4:00pm ET
  • All orders have a default shipping method of ground at no charge.
  • We require a $100 minimum order.
  • Overnight delivery available for a flat $19.95 fee (no Saturday delivery). Orders must be placed by 6:30pm to be eligible for overnight shipping.

Return Policy

  • As per the nature of our product offering we do not accept returns. All sales are final.
  • Any damages or shipping errors must be reported within 48 hours of order delivery.

Payment Policy

In order to maintain our low price structure we accept ACH or major credit cards for generic purchases. ACH is the only method accepted for brand product purchases.

General Policy

As our product offering is in high-demand with short-dates, we are unable to guarantee the inventory levels as listed on the site. Items purchased are not guaranteed in stock and ship on a first-come first-serve basis.

Personal Guarantee

The undersigned personally guarantees prompt and full performance of all obligations due and owing by Applicant to HealthSource DBA SaveBig Rx under this and/or any other agreement with HealthSource DBA SaveBig Rx. In the event of default, HealthSource DBA SaveBig Rx and/or any holder hereof is authorized to proceed against the undersigned guarantor, without first having to proceed against Applicant, for the full amount due, including late payment charges, interest, costs and attorneys’ fees. The undersigned waives presentment, demand, protest, notice of protest, notice of dishonor and any and all other notices or demands of whatever character to which the undersigned might otherwise be entitled. The undersigned further consents to any extension granted by HealthSource DBA SaveBig Rx and waives notice thereof. If more than one guarantor, the obligation of each Guarantor shall be joint and several. Termination of this Guarantee must be in writing, signed by HealthSource DBA SaveBig Rx and undersigned, and in such event, shall only apply as to future obligations.

Security Agreement

To secure Applicant’s existing and future liabilities to HealthSource DBA SaveBig Rx, Applicant grants HealthSource DBA SaveBig Rx a security interest upon all personal property of Applicant, wherever located, now owned or hereafter acquired, including but not limited to, accounts, insurance proceeds, inventory, prescription records, equipment, fixtures, contract rights, customer lists, cash on hand/deposit, telephone numbers and all other tangibles and general intangibles, including replacements and proceeds of the foregoing, now owned or that may hereafter arise (collectively, the “Collateral”). Applicant authorizes HealthSource DBA SaveBig Rx to file a UCC-1, along with amendments and extensions thereto. Applicant will cooperate with HealthSource DBA SaveBig Rx in obtaining control of the Collateral. Upon default by Applicant, HealthSource DBA SaveBig Rx shall have the right to enforce its rights against the Collateral. HealthSource DBA SaveBig Rx may pursue any remedy available at law and/or equity, including those available under the Uniform Commercial Code.