Save Big on Short-Dated and Overstock Rx

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do overstock and short expiration pharmaceuticals exist?

1) Manufacturers can err on predicting the cycle time of the product. They can incorrectly forecast the demand of a product based on a presumed market share that is overestimated.

2) There can be a long lead time from the manufacturing of the product until the FDA approval. The manufacturer mistimes and overproduces leaving them with a product surplus that exceeds the demand for the given time period.

3) Certain drugs are manufactured with a short shelf life.

4) Manufacturers may discontinue an item and want to offload it. 

How are your prices so low?

Our years of industry experience allow us to negotiate deals with manufacturers on their overstock and short-dated items and pass the items and savings on to you! Additionally, we’ve stripped away ancillary layers of sales and distribution with the goal of providing you with straight-up savings!

Do you only sell short-dated and/or overstock items?

No! Our goal is to stay true to our mission of providing the very lowest priced drugs, specifically on short-dated and overstocked items; however, we do include some of the most common brand and generic drugs as well. Unfortunately we do not sell controlled substances. Our offers change daily so check back often to take advantage of our best deals. Get them before they’re gone!

What is your general payment policy?

In order to maintain our low price structure we accept ACH or major credit cards for generic purchases. ACH is the only method accepted for brand product purchases.

What is your general shipping policy?

All orders have a default shipping method of ground at no charge. We require a $100 minimum order. Overnight delivery available for a flat $19.95 fee (no Saturday delivery). Orders must be placed by 6:30pm to be eligible for overnight shipping. Orders placed after 4:00pm are not guaranteed to ship on the same day.

What is your general return policy?

As per the nature of our product offering we do not accept returns. All sales are final. Any damages or shipping errors must be reported within 48 hours of order delivery.

What are some website features that guide me in making a smart purchase?

Our website is armed with the most pertinent information that will aid you in making an educated purchase. The website features complete product information that includes expiration dates, product names, NDC numbers, e-pedigree, along with live quantities.